// singer


Founding member of Running Hot back in Tucson, AZ in 2007.  With a great passion for the Rolling Stones, Javier brings forth an energy and Jaggers soulful sounds to life like no other.  He will leave you wanting more.


// drums


Growing up here in So.Cal., there has always been plenty of music to be heard. But it was the sounds of bands like Led. Zep., The Beatles, The Who, Deep Purple and of course The Rolling Stones that really captured my imagination. Self taught and playing in dozens of cover bands over the years has given me a great foundation on which to build on my love of music. That love includes many styles of music, but Rock & Roll is my true passion. LETS ROCK!


// guitar


Jun has been playing Chuck Berry and Keith Richards style guitar since he was a teenager.   

In early 2000's, he moved from Seattle to Los Angeles with his telecaster.

He loves Rolling Stones music all the time and enjoys playing blues in his spare time.

Founding member of Running Hot in L.A..


// guitar


Dan Hess has been playing guitar for 25+ years.  He appreciates the two percent that matters and likes a broad spectrum of quality music from Steely Dan to Phil Woods to the Berlin Phil.  In addition to guitar, he likes working out, hiking, and hanging with his gf.  Dan also works as a CPA/JD in order to supplement his RH income.


// bass


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